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Track your fishing trips with BAITCAMP

Plan your trips. Save intel to create your own catch reports. Store photos of your prize catches.

Track your fishing trips with the BAITCAMP fishing app

Create Catch Reports, With Your Phone

BAITCAMP: App for people who love fishing

Save All The Data You Need.
For All Your Fishing Trips.

With BAITCAMP you can record information about each and every fishing trip. Keep those key tips and tricks with you at all times.
Save intel, like location. What the weather was doing. What baits or lures you used. Even log the different techniques you tried out.
Store what species of fish you caught. How many, and if there were any to brag about?
You can save all your photos from a trip too. Never worry about losing them. And share them with your mates, even more bragging rights.
With our advanced tools. You can even measure and record cast information. Highlight key spots with where you got the most bites.

More Than Just A Hobby

At the lake, down the pub, or out and about with the wife!
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