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Elevate your fishing game!

BAITCAMP is a simple way to keep a fishing diary . Record what fish you catch, where, when, and with what technique. This helps you see fishing patterns. Try it, you'll like it!

BAITCAMP: Elevate your fishing game!
Make Every Cast Count​

Make Every Cast Count

Save details of the fish you catch, where, and how. It helps you fish better. Want to remember what your caught? We store all this info for you!

Fishing Log

Stop using paper to log fishing tips. With BAITCAMP, save place details, weather, bait, techniques, fish details, and more. Make your own catch reports.
BAITCAMP: Digital Fishing Log
Save cast measurement and distances

Cast Measurements

Use Google maps to mark where you put your bait. It's good for rivers, lakes, or big waters. See where you did best before. No more guessing where to fish from. Put your bait in the right place fast.

Planning Trips

Forgot what you caught at a venue or what bait you used? With BAITCAMP, see the place, day, and the number of fish caught. Know the kinds of fish you caught too.
Plan your fishing trips
See Your Prized Catches​

See Your Prized Catches

Took a photo of a big fish and can't find it on your phone? With BAITCAMP, add pictures to your logs. We keep them safe in the cloud so they won't get lost or deleted.

Store License Details

Ever been fishing and forgot your license? It's not fun, especially if you paid to fish somewhere special. With our tool, save pictures of your licenses. Now, always have your important papers with you. Don't get stuck without them again!
Check weather forecasts on the go

Weather Forecasts

BAITCAMP tells you the weather near you or places you choose. It also shows when the sun rises and sets. Weather affects the success of a trip.

Share Your Catches

Having an accurate log of your fishing trips catches helps you. Plus, you can show it to friends and family! Help them know about fishing spots and trends. Or, show off your fish to each other!

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