BAITCAMP is your personal fishing log, planner and picture taking tool all in one app.

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The Ultimate Mobile Fishing Mate

With BAITCAMP you can turn your phone into the best fishing friend you could ask for.

Plan Your Fishing Trips

Automatically receive notifications relating to sunrise and sunset times for the next day. BAITCAMP can also let you know the weather forecast in your area or selected locations. We like to pay attention to the weather, there maybe a correlation with fishing success….

Fishing Log

Finally ditch all those scraps of paper reminding you what bait and techniques have been successful in the past. Use BAITCAMP’s diary to log venue information, weather, bait, methods used, fish caught, size & weight of the fish and much much more. Create your own personal catch reports.

How To's (Coming Soon)

You can ditch all those old school fishing manuals. With our ‘How To’ section you can find a variety of step by step guides and videos. Showing how to tie basic knots and the basic setups for the most common techniques.

Camera Functionality (Coming Soon)

Have you ever been fishing on your own and not been able to take a picture of your yourself with your prize catch? BAITCAMP has a variety of picture taking features. As well as automatically tagging each picture taken with the date, time and location.

A New App For People Who Love Fishing

BAITCAMP is available to download on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

We are planning on offering a wide variety of tools that will help you catch more fish. Our app aims to help your plan your fishing trips before heading out. As well as offering a range of features helping you to keep a comprehensive record of your fishing successes.

In the initial version of our app we are looking at providing people with the following tools to improve your fishing experience.

  • Sunrise and sunset notification each evening for the next day.

  • Local and selected location weather forecasts. Allowing you to plan what technique to use ahead of time.

  • A fishing log/diary allowing you record your fishing trips. Create your own personal catch reports.

  • Camera tools that will takes pictures automatically so you can takes photos of yourself holding your catch.

  • Each picture is tagged with a location and date time.

  • How to guides. A variety of step by step guides and videos.

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