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BAITCAMP is a simple way to keep a fishing diary. A fun and rewarding way to become a better angler! It's great to record what type of fish you're catching, where and when, as well as the gear you used. All this information can then be used to help spot patterns in your fishing success. Give it a go, you won't regret it!

Make Every Cast Count

BAITCAMP: App for people who love fishing

Keep a record of what you’ve caught, where you caught it. And what bait and techniques you used. An amazing way to improve your fishing skills. Want to remember your catches? Check out the data below for all the details!

Fishing Log

Finally ditch all those scraps of paper reminding you of what bait and techniques have been successful in the past. Use BAITCAMP’s diary to log venue information, weather, bait, methods used, fish caught, size & weight of the fish and much much more. Create your own personal catch reports.

Cast Measurements

Use the power of Google maps to record exactly where your bait landed. Doesn’t matter if you’re on a river, lake or reservoir. With our cast measurement record. You can review where you had the best success last time you fished a venue. No more wandering around trying to remember the exact location. Get the bait in the right spot in minutes.

Planning Trips

Not been to a lake, spot on the river, or venue in a while? Can’t remember what you caught, or what bait you used? With BAITCAMP you can check the location, date, and the total number of fish that you caught. As well as the different types of species you bagged.

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See Your Prize Catch

Taken a picture of that monster you caught last month, but can’t find it on your phone? You can upload pictures to any log entry you have created. We save all the picture to the cloud, so they won’t get lost or deleted by accident.

Store License Details

Have you ever gone fishing and left your rod or federation license on the coffee table? It can be embarrassing, especially if you’ve paid a lot of money to be a member of a top-notch water. With our license logger, you can take photos of all your license. Don’t get caught out again, have all your key documents at your fingertips.

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Weather Forecasts

BAITCAMP gives you the weather forecast in your area or selected locations. As well as providing sunrise and sunset times over the coming day. We like to pay attention to the weather, there may be a correlation with fishing success….

Share Your Catches

Not only does logging the data of your catches put you at an advantage, but you can also share this data with your friends and family. Help friends and family understand the fishing environment and patterns near them. Or, just share your catches with one another!

A New App For People Who Love Fishing

BAITCAMP is available to download on both the Google Play and Apple App Store.

We offer a variety of tools that will help you catch more fish. Our app aims to help your plan your fishing trips before heading out. As well as helping you to keep a comprehensive record of your fishing successes.
Our goal with our app is to provide you with tools and data to improve your fishing experience.
Check out our Product Roadmap to see what we are currently working on. And what’s coming further down the line (couldn’t resist a fishing reference).

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