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Best Baits To Catch Bream In Spring


As spring arrives. Anglers around the country are excited season to catch bream in spring.

Indeed, bream fishing is one of the most popular activities for serious anglers. Especially if they are able to find a productive spot.

You can use many different techniques. But the one thing that all successful fishermen agree upon is the importance of using the right bait.

In this blog post, we look at which baits will offer the best chance of hooking a bream this spring.

As well as a few tips on presenting them.

Let’s get started!

Best Baits To Catch Bream In Spring

The Best Baits to Catch Bream this Spring

When it comes to successful bream fishing. Two factors come into play: location and bait.

It goes without saying. To grab yourself a bream. You must be able to find where the bream is located. And that means scouting around until you come across a group of them.

Once you have identified a likely spot. It’s important to select the right bait.

There are many different baits that are effective for catching bream in the spring.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these in turn, starting with the classic bream bait.


Mullets are an ideal bream bait.

As they are viewable and have a strong smell. Making them attractive to bream.

The best thing about using mullet as bait is that they are easy to locate in most estuarine environments.

Once you have located the mullet shoals. It’s a matter of casting your line with a live mullet on the hook and waiting for the bream to bite.


Next up is shrimp.

Shrimp is another popular bait. They are great for catching bream in early spring when they are particularly active.

Shrimp are also easy to get. As they are available at tackle stores and bait shops around the country.

They are best used when fresh. They offer more scent and appeal to the bream.


Worms are also a popular bream bait, particularly tubeworms and bloodworms.

Both types of worm can be cast in a variety of ways. And they attract bream with their scent.

You can buy worms at most tackle stores and bait shops. Or you can dig them up from mud flats or mud banks.


This is another great bait for bream in the spring.

Yabbies are small lobsters, and they are sought after by bream.

You can buy yabbies from aquatic farms or tackle stores. Or catch them yourself with a net.

They are most effective when used with two or three other baits.


Finally, you can use a range of lures to catch bream.

From spinnerbaits and soft plastics to crankbaits and hardbodies. These are more effective in shallow water. As you can retrieve them more quickly and accurately than with live bait.

Many anglers also find that lures often attract larger breams than live baits.

Tips For Catching Bream In Spring

Now that we have discussed the best baits to catch bream in the spring.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to present the bait to catch bream in spring.

The most important thing to remember is to use the right weight for the conditions. If you are fishing in shallow water. A lightweight will help you to keep your bait near the bottom without getting snagged on the seabed.

In deeper water, a heavier weight will enable you to ‘drop’ your bait down in the water column and present it to the bream.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the bait.

If you are using small baits such as shrimp or worms. Make sure that the weight of your line and hook is appropriate for these. If you use a hook that is too heavy.,Iit will be difficult for the bream to swallow the bait.

But, if you use a hook that is too small. The bait will be spit out by the bream. Reducing your chances of success.

Finally, remember to pay attention to the tide.

Many anglers overlook this factor. But the tide can have a huge influence on the number and size of the bream that you catch.

A good rule of thumb is to fish during the falling tide. As this is when breams are most likely to move from deep to shallow water.

Conclusion: Catch Bream In Spring

So that’s a bit of a run-down on the best bait to catch bream in the spring.

Remember, the key to success is to prepare beforehand and to have the correct bait for the conditions.

With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to net a prize bream this spring!

If it’s still a little cold where you are. Check out our guide on what baits to use to catch bream in winter.