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Best Baits To Catch Carp In Winter


One of the eternal questions for Carp anglers around the world. “Which baits to choose to catch Carp in winter”?

It’s a tricky question to answer.

Different types of Carp can have different preferences from one lake to the next. Let alone one region to regions.

But the good news is that there are some principles of winter Carp fishing. That is constant across all locations. And when you understand these principles. You can arm yourself with the best baits to catch Carp this winter.

What Baits To Use To Catch Carp In Winter

Best Baits To Catch Carp In Winter

To catch carp in the winter months, you need to focus your efforts on diets they can access all year round.

That is, baits that carp will find in their winter habitat.

The key is to choose baits that carp have grown accustomed to. As opposed to exaggerated food items they are not generally exposed to.

So what does this mean for bait choice?

Read on!

Carp’s Feeding Habits Change In Winter

First, it’s important to understand that carp don’t always feed the same in winter as they do in summer.

In the summer they will gorge on big meals of insects, worms and the like. During the colder months, they often slow right down and feed at random times.

Combine this with the fact that there are fewer food sources available in winter. And it’s clear that baits need to be more ‘natural’.


This is where boilie-based baits come in.

Boilies are often thought of as “unnatural” baits by anglers. Especially during the winter months.

But actually, they can be very successful, if used in the right way. Boilies provide a nutritional package that comes close to what carp usually eat. And since it’s so concentrated, they don’t need to feed as often.

The key is to go for very digestible, natural boilies with a high nutritional value.

Animal-based proteins and fats are often the best choice. As these are what carp naturally consume. Human-grade ingredients such as fish, meat and egg are a great starting point.

But don’t forget natural additives like spices, herbs and oils.

These all help to create a balanced, nutritional bait. That carp will find irresistible.

Natural Baits

Don’t forget to use traditional natural baits in winter.

These are often overlooked by carp anglers as they think they are too small and won’t appeal to the carp.

But actually, these small ‘natural’ baits are very effective. Bloodworm, corn, maggots, lively ragworm, casters, hemp and sweetcorn. All offer the carp something to snack on during the day. And remember. These baits will be far easier to find during the winter months.

So it’s well worth taking the time to hunt them down.


Don’t forget mini-boilies and pellets.

These two bait types are buoyant. And are far more effective during the cooler months.

Mini boilies will float for much longer than regular-sized boilies. Meaning they are very attractive to carp. Also, they can be pre-soaked and re-cast with ease. Making them ideal for hitting a feeding spot that carp are likely to return to once they move on.

Pellets also offer carp a deep-water feeding opportunity. As they will remain buoyant for long periods. Providing a nutritional kick.

Conclusion: Catch Carp In Winter

So there you have it,

The best baits to catch carp this winter.

Of course, you can use some of the more exaggerated baits to catch carp in winter.

But for consistency of catch rate, these baits are hard to beat.

Choose wisely and you’ll be sure to enjoy plenty of success this winter!