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Best Baits To Catch Perch In Summer


Ah, summer – the best time of year for many anglers.

Filled with the hope of catching a summer’s worth of perch.

But the summer sun is also a tricky time of year for catching perch. This is because they prefer cooler water and deeper depths.

That’s why it’s important to know the best bait to catch perch during the summer months.

Best Baits To Catch Perch In Summer

Catch Perch In Summer

To catch perch in summer. You can use a variety of bait options.

Different strategies work better in different parts of the country.

A basic approach to summer perch fishing is to fish with live bait (worms, minnows, etc.). Or to switch to artificial lures.

In summer, use a low-profile bait to better match the food items perch feed on throughout the summer.

Ideal colors for the hot months include blues, greens, and silvers in lures.

Live bait

When it comes to live bait, worms, small crayfish, and small minnows can all be excellent choices.

Traditional presentations include a fish hook of size 6 or 8 with three or four inches of twine for a leader.

This allows the bait to swim below the surface. While still remaining close enough to the hook for effective strikes.

Use split shot or sliding sinkers to help the bait stay within the range of the fish.

Artificial Lures

In reduced visibility. Or less active waters. You may want to consider lighter-coloured lures like white, orange, and yellow.

These lures seem to imitate the light reflected by perch scales. Pink, orange, and yellow can also be productive.

And if you’re looking for something with more flash, metal or holographic lures are a great option as well.

Some anglers opt for adding attractants like fish oils, and food-grade attractants. Or artificial scents to their bait and lures.

When fishing with artificial lures. Spinners, jigs, spoons, and plugs are the go-to lures for most anglers.

Small spinners with light-coloured blades on a single-hook rig can be excellent for summertime perch. They flicker and wobble in a way that entices the fish.

To get the most out of your gear, try to match the colour and size of the lure to the bait the fish prefer.

Jigs present an interesting way to target perch in the summer. Because they can be rattled and dropped in areas to imitate live baitfish.

When selecting jigs. opt for those with bright colours and clacking rattles for more success.

Conclusion: Catch Perch In Summer

When it comes to fishing for perch during the summer. The approach and bait selection can sometimes be tricky.

But, understanding how and when to use live bait and artificial lures. And other options can increase success on the water.

With a little bit of knowledge and some trial and error, you can have a summer to remember fishing for perch.

P.S. Perch are also very active in the colder seasons too. Check out this guide: Best Baits To Catch Perch In Winter