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Best Baits To Catch Pike In Winter


Winter is here and the waters are beginning to freeze over. Can this impact how to catch Pike In Winter?

Best Baits To Catch Pike In Winter

Great question!

This is the perfect time to grab your jigs, lures, and bait to go pike fishing!

But, what are the best baits to use for catching pike in winter?

Pike in winter have different preferences for bait. So it’s important to know what to throw for catching this powerful predator.

Here are some of the best baits you can use when targeting pike during the colder months of the year.

Live baits

Live baits are an essential choice when fishing to catch pike in winter.

They are very effective because of the smells and the sensations of the bait fish. The way it starts swimming and struggling will be much more attractive to the pike. More like what they are expecting in the wild.

This bait can be worms, crayfish, frogs, fish, mice, or even small birds.

If you are using live bait, make sure to keep it alive in a bucket or live well until you are ready to use it.


Lures are the most popular choice for pike.

They come in many different sizes, colours, and styles.

The most effective lures for winter pike are jigging lures, spoon lures, and jerk baits. Jigging lures are usually weighted and have an enticing motion to them. They provide a natural prey-like movement. Which makes them very attractive to the pike.

Spoon lures are also weighted. And as the name suggests, shaped like a spoon.

The movement of a spoon lure in the water is irresistible to pike. And can entice them into striking.

Jerkbaits are another great lure choice for winter pike. These lures work well when retrieved quickly, with an erratic action.

Artificial baits

Artificial baits, such as resin or rubber baits. Are another great way to catch pike in the winter.

These baits by fishing on either a jig head or a float rig. You can use these lures in deep water. Or in shallow areas where natural baits wouldn’t commonly be found.

To get the most out of using artificial baits. It’s important to use a variety of colours and sizes.

And to vary the speed and depth of the presentation.

Dead baits

Dead baits are an often overlooked choice for pike in winter.

These baits can be anything from small fish, cut pieces of other fish, or manufactured baits.

The key to using dead baits is to make sure that the lures as act a dead fish would in the wild. Do this by allowing the bait to float back down to the bottom.

This is often more effective than jigging an artificial bait. Because the scent and vibrations will be more appealing to the pike.

Conclusion: Catch Pike In Winter

If you’re looking for the best baits to use to catch pike in winter, these are some of the best options.

Of course, the best choice for any angler will depend on their local conditions.

So it’s important to experiment and determine what works best.

But, the baits mentioned above are definitely a good place to start!

Good luck and tight lines!

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