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Best Baits To Catch Roach In Winter


As winter approaches. Anglers everywhere are thinking of the best baits to catch Roach in winter.

Understanding the tastes and habits of Roach during the winter months. As essential in selecting the bait that will get results and ensure a successful catch.

To start with let’s talk about the roach itself.

What Are Roach?

Best Baits To Catch Roach In Winter

One of the most popular and plentiful members of the carp family.

Roach are a prolific species that, is found in most freshwater places. Especially in colder climates like the UK. It can grow up to 25cm in length. With a slender body shape, silvery scales and an orange-brown back.

So, what’s the key to successful roach fishing?

It’s to understand the behaviour of the species during winter.

They tend to become lethargic as water temperatures drop. And they feed less. This means food sources become all the more important for anglers in cold weather.

There are several baits that can work during the winter months and appeal to Roach. Making them the bait of choice for catching.


Boilies are among the best and most popular baits for catching Roach in winter.

These air-fried pellets offer a combination of small particles and larger ingredients. This makes boilies irresistible to Roach.

Layer boilies are a bait that’s had flavouring added. Such as tuna fish meal, liver, and squid meal. The idea is to entice Roach into the area using the flavour.

Boilies can also be frozen and stored in an air-tight container.

Once frozen, these baits cause a lot of attraction and disturbance in the water. And are among the most successful bait for Roach fishing.


Groundbait is the perfect choice for winter roach fishing.

This bait is a mixture of particles, cereals and other ingredients. It comes in both dry and wet form. Wet forms offer a thicker and more enticing bait to drive Roach into your swim.

Groundbait can also contain natural ingredients. Such as hemp seed, wheat, and maize. Shop-bought variants can contain extra vitamins to increase attraction.

Sprinkle it around your swim to make sure it attracts the slumbering Roach.


“Liver, like, animal liver?”

Yep, you’ve heard me right. Another weird bait that attracts fish.

Liver works particularly well when targeting Roach during the winter months. It is a occurring bait with a strong smell and taste- making it attractive to both Roach and other species.

For best results, use frozen liver or fresh liver spiced with a few drops of flavouring.

Anglers should be careful about spoilage and only use prepared liver.

Liver is great for slow fishing and can be used as a single bait or in combination with other bait like maggots.


This is my go-to bait.

Not only for Roach but for most of the smaller-sized fish.

Maggots are the most popular bait for winter roach fishing. They offer a quick, reliable and ready-made food source for the fish. Maggots come in a variety of forms. From loose maggots to boxes of pellets.

Once you buy the maggots, keep them in a container until you are ready to use them for fishing. If you are going to store them in a fridge, they will last for up to one week without losing their effectiveness.

When fishing with maggots. Long-distance shots will give the best results as maggots can take some time to be processed by the fish. You should always fish maggot near the bottom for best results.

Catch Roach In Winter

When fishing for Roach in winter. Anglers should use the right combination of baits for the best results.

Boilies, groundbait, liver, maggots and natural baits such as worms. These are all excellent choices that offer something for Roach during the colder months.

By understanding the habits. And the season tastes of Roach during winter and the best bait selection. Anglers can rest assured that they will increase their chances of a successful catch.